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Written by Paul Quaiser
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Water – An essential fuel for human health and cellular regeneration and vitality


There is consensus between allopathic and naturopathic health professionals to drink plenty of water. Not only does your body use water as a source of fuel, it uses it to cleanse itself. A significant component to our coaching and consulting services is the detoxification of chemical residual stored in tissue, as well as, identifying the behavioral patterns that generate the toxic chemical mixtures in the first place. And, as you read through this article you will note the massive industry water has created as a nutraceutical (beneficial food product). Bottled water is far more expensive than the fuel you put in your vehicle. Yet, our understanding of that human fuel is limited for most of us. We typically are ok with water as long as it tastes good and we think it is healthy. But we don’t realize what “healthy” water is. The following excerpts of what photonically charged water is serves as an introduction to WATER HEALTH.


At HSI we refer to nutrition, food, water, and diet as Human Fuel, or High Octane Human Fuel in our Human Propulsion Project work.


In society's quest for the best drinking water we can find, we have climbed mountains, dug deep wells, imported water from countries that claim superior sources, and devised elaborate purification systems. We've boiled, filtered, magnetized and electrified water in our attempts to remove undesirable particulates and bacteria.


The importance of pure water has generated a $22 billion water industry. People are trying everything from simple faucet filters to complex whole house systems that range in price from id="mce_marker",200 and $6,000. Even the show “Biggest Loser” is advocating the use of filtered water instead of bottled water because of the waste and toxin impacts from the plastic bottles (manufacturing to landfill).

Check out the and their Story of Bottled Water at:


The advisability of purchasing water in plastic bottles raises many concerns, as does the controversy over the benefits or problems of using distilled water. A growing number of people are advocating the safety and minimal costs of using plain tap water.


Municipal water systems are generally safe but deadly accidents do occur. When bacteria such as E. coli compromise a water system, for example, people can become seriously ill. On the other hand, many health advocates object to the use of chlorine and fluoride in water systems.


Ingested fluoride can have negative effects on brain function.


While we've managed to remove pathogens and chemicals to a considerable degree, we've overlooked one vital perception -- our world is made up of energy and information, not substance.


Quantum physics now scientifically supports what ancient peoples have always stated about the invisibility of Nature -- that everything from our material bodies to our experiences to our planet to our universe form a seamless hologram of energy.


A New Insight


After hundreds of years spent studying the nature of matter, physicists can now demonstrate that everything in our world is made of molecules that are made of atoms that are made of subatomic bits of energy endlessly vibrating at different frequencies. These units of energy carry information. That information interacts with the information of our cells in either beneficial or damaging ways, depending on the source of the information.


We now know that the photonic energy carried by Nature's original, living water is far more important than the particulates it may contain. Photon energy is light energy, and when the frequency of light is present, life is enhanced and optimized. We are re-entering the era of light because we're now able to detect, understand and photograph what has been there for us all along.


Photonic Water Systems make use of this new insight to bring energized water to you using both original sources and cutting-edge technology.


Our most basic requirement, water, can provide us with increased levels of vital energy when its molecules are reconfigured to their original state in Nature, unadulterated by human meddling. In that state water produces biophotons, microscopic “bit/waves” of light energy.

Quantum physicists tell us that everything in our world is made of molecules made of atoms made of subatomic bits of energy endlessly vibrating at different frequencies. Energy carries information. That information interacts within our cells in either beneficial or damaging ways.


What are Biophotons?

Biophotons are tiny emissions of light that are produced and utilized by all living things. We can consume biophoton energy from the Sun in our food, for example; then we, in turn, store this energy in the DNA of our cells, to be utilized to orchestrate the 100,000 chemical reactions that take place in each of our sixty trillion cells every second. Biophotons communicate with all of the cells in our bodies instantaneously, at the speed of light, in a synchronous wave of energy that creates a perfect harmony.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in the biophotonic-rich environment of our ancestors, thanks to present-day meddling with our food and water supply, which minimizes or eliminates photonic rhythms.

How Energy Travels

In the weeks and months to come, I will be introducing the physics proven concept of energy vortexes. They form the polar electromagnetic field of the earth and influence the way many bio-organisms are shaped. When you cut an apple in half, its shape represents a toroidal vortex. In fact, we are developing a white paper under the topic of management science that proposes that organizations that truly want sustainability should consider the architectural structure of a vortex in their organizational design.

Photonic charged water utilizes the natural phenomenon of a double vortex, as described by Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). Shauberger devoted his life to understanding the energies found in Nature, and replicating their construction for the benefit of humankind.

Most people don’t spend a great deal of time pondering vortices, yet they demonstrate the motion of life itself. If you watch a weather report on television, you will see that low-pressure systems swirl in a counterclockwise direction, while high-pressure systems swirl in a clockwise fashion. Both vortices weave around each other in ever-changing patterns. These complementary vortices describe perfectly the actions of energized, living water.

While all water molecules are made of two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen, the molecules do not invariably connect to each other in identical ways.

When water follows the sinuous, spiraling course of a mountain stream, the molecules connect in a compact, ideal pattern. The swirls and vortices of its course act as the water’s “immune system,” clearing and cleansing the water. Water’s purity at the end of its run is much greater, and it is filled with life-giving information. In this sense, in-formation is defined as to bring into being, to materialize beneficial effects within our cells.

Photonic conditioned water either naturally or induced, is able to reproduce this natural patterning without the use of electricity, magnets, artificial light or synthetic filters. They are the ultimate “Green” environmental solution.


The quality of the water we use is important when we consider the fact that our bodies are approximately 70% water.

Photonic conditioned water molecules realign perfectly into tight clusters, making, in effect, water that is denser. It is “wetter” water, for greater and more effective hydration and delivery of oxygen. This is crucial for a majority of people, who tend to be chronically dehydrated.

Drinking the right water is much more important that drinking more water.

It is also noteworthy that with every shower we take we can absorb up to seven cups of water through our skin, our most visible organ. High energy water increases our ability to absorb the nutrients in our food. And, it dramatically increases the health and growth of both gardens and houseplants. It increases the biomass of all crops by 27% to 40%, while using 30% to 50% less water.

These are important things to consider for your own health, the health of your plants and garden, as well as, your pets. This information is a result of our research involving algae production and farming. Our water quality is a major issue as population growth persists and industry continues to “dump” unhealthy chemicals into the soil and waterways.

When you are ready to take your health and performance to a new level, contact the Human Sustainability Institute to schedule an initial consultation. We custom design coaching programs and retreats for individuals and organizations to maximize performance and unfold potential.


For an introduction into research conducted on water's response through crystalline structure when exposed to different thought energies and frequencies, see Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work entitled, The Hidden Messages in Water -


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