Excited about Cancer - a 4th Tool - Tumor Treating Field


Written by Paul Quaiser
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Excited about Cancer – Tumor Treating Field Therapy, the Alternative Fourth Tool


HSI has been heavily involved in the development of Field Theory technology and methods. Our coaching and consulting platform utilizes the latest understanding from “Field” research emerging from Neuro-science, physics, and Mind/Body Medicine.


Our focus is not on the disease or broken aspects of our clients’ behavior and health, but the Pro-motion of their healthy aspects that enhance performance and unrealized potential.


Field theory is relatively simple in concept. All of our cells operate at different frequencies. Even thought patterns have different frequencies. These frequencies create a field of energy around our body. Similar to the field of energy surrounding earth to create gravity, we have fields of energy surrounding us. Well, for the most part Western healthcare has approached the body and health from a material perspective with chemical and physical interventions, hence our massive pharmaceutical industry. However, many Eastern healing traditions have exercised energetic healing modalities. Different approaches, both with valid application. Field Therapies focus on the field of energy that surrounds and permeates our body. An explanation I use with many of our clients is that the body is really a transceiver of energy and information. Dr. Woolf at the Holodynamics Academy calls these information spirals in the field of energy Holodynes.  We are developing methods and technologies to interface with that field and information system. Think about the amount of energy pollution your body and mind are continually exposed to in our environment. You are not wearing any electro-magnetic protection from all of the energy bombarding your system. So it does have an effect on the harmonics of your physiology and psychology. We even put allot of this “interference” right next to our heads in the form of smart phones.


The telecommunications industry in its earlier years was extremely concerned about “shielding” anything that caused energy fields from products or networks. Then wireless entered the scene and revenue from convenience appeal overruled long-term health impacts. Now we have television, radio, communications, and a plethora of other manmade energetic frequencies all around us. And that frequency pollution has really only been in existence for about 50 years. And, it was introduced at such a rapid rate our human systems haven’t had the time to adapt to this new form of environmental influence relative to other environmental changes our species has encountered.


Although the TEDMED video we are including in this article focuses on the attack of a threat to the human condition. Please consider the proactive aspect of this methodology to wellness. When we create the frequencies that promotes healthy cellular reproduction and “tunes” our biology and psychology, we can enhance health and performance.


Look for future articles on Immersion Vortex experiences and Holodynamics techniques for organizational performance.


If you or your organization is concerned about performance and human sustainability, please call us for a consultation.


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Written by: Anuta On: 18 December 2014
Nice one Jeremy, I have being looking for her link... :)I think she has anthoer gallery in Lagos too.. i think somewhere in Lekkie ( not to sure )Thanks again...she is an absolute inspiration one of a kind and should be celebrated.
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